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Nashville Sitting / Standing Water Middle Tn Drainage !

Posted by Dalton Quigley in 2010  • 

Sitting / standing water can be a real problem for some homeowners. After a strong rain just looking out of the window may create anxiety. Standing water is known to be a breeding habitat for mosquitoes, kill lawn areas, and make an area unusable in general. If the surrounding area is higher than where the water is collecting a french drain may be needed to help the problem area drain. Another solution for this type of problem could be a strategically placed drain box to collect the water and pipe it out of the area.

Some areas are so low and difficult to deal with that a sump pump is actually the best action. There are different solutions for each property and budget range. So call us today to schedule a consultation at your property and you will have the guidance to either hire us or do the job yourself.

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