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Posted by Dalton Quigley in 2010  • 

A positive drain.

Wet crawl spaces are the scourge of homeowners who grow to dread a rainy season rather than enjoying the life-giving rain that will brighten the greenery of their landscaping. When water encroaches upon our living quarters, we wish for a drought, writing off our lush flowering gardens in hopes of simply maintaining a dry, mold-free crawl space in the foundation of our homes.
But in the Nashville Middle Tn area so many houses are built without adequate drainage, especially newer homes that are developed in areas that are naturally swampy and low-lying. Often homeowners are forced to find solutions to indoor wetness without breaking the bank, when they realize their new home is sitting on top of a wet, unsanitary and unsafe pool of standing water.
One of the simplest solutions for a wet crawl space below a home’s first floor is a positive drain. In fact, in some states, a positive drain is now required in the building of new homes.
A positive drain is very simply a hole in the foundation wall that allows standing water to escape. The hole should be opened in the lowest place in the crawl space and followed with a trench leading to the outdoors, sloping away from the house and through the landscaping of the property.
Usually the hole must be bored through the foundation wall.
Gravity alone can do the drainage job, if the positive drain is low enough and the trench continues to deepen in its trek from the scrawl space through the landscaping outside of the home, and away into a drainage ditch or another appropriate place for the water to be diverted.
Releasing water that is trapped and standing underneath a home is a way to reduce mold and fungus, lower the humidity level indoors, and keep the foundation strong.
The floorboards on the first floor will be less likely to warp with decreased exposure to the wetness that builds up below them.
However, if your Nashville home needs a positive drain, the water has already done its damage. A positive drain will remove excessive water, but not all water. Erosion, humidity, mold, and puddling are still going to be a crawl space fact of life. If you have so much water in your crawl space that a positive drain is needed to flush it out, then you may also need a sump pump.
The sump pump will be installed in the lowest part of your crawl space, in a hole complete with a liner to keep the pump separated from the mud. Make sure the entirety of the crawl space is sloped towards the hole, so there are not additional low areas where water can pool.
You might have to do a little tight-quarters landscaping to redistribute the earth. Digging a trench around the perimeter of the crawlspace to divert the water to the sump pump is an option, if grading the dirt doesn’t do the trick.
Since a crawl space is a rarely accessed part of your home, the sump pump should have an alarm that alerts you when it’s not working. It should also be surrounded by rocks that separate the sump liner from the earth, to aid in its collection. A battery back-up is a good idea, especially since power failures tend to coincide with heavy rainstorms.

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