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Nashville Popup Drain Installation!

Posted by Dalton Quigley in 2010  • 


4 inch diameter currogated black drain pipe used to make a poup drain in Nashville Tn.

* Step one is that you must be using a 4" drain pipe. In this image is a 4" currogated black drain pipe. You will also need a 4" adapter and the popup drain.

Popup drains are typically attached to Downspouts.

Nashville Popup Drain this is the hole which is wide enough to install the popup drain.

* Step two is make sure the hole around the pipe is wide enough to install all of your parts.



We install popup drains:

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Nashville Popup drain adapter  being installed.

* Your adapter should slide over the 4" black currogated pipe snugly.


Nashville Popup image of the installed drain.

* Now you are going to take your popup drain and slip it onto your adapter.


Nashville Popup Drain area dug out to install the drain.

* Lastly you will need to backfill around your popup drain until the soil is level. After the soil settles you may come back and add some but if you cover the drain over with soil the drain will not work properly.




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