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Nashville Dry Creek Bed / Middle Tn Drainage !

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Using landscaping to fix drainage issues.

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Dry creek beds are filled with rocks and meander ornamentally across a property to direct the water to an appropriate dumping point. Often the street with its public drainage system is acceptable, however, check with your local government to make sure it’s allowed in your area. Beware of directing water to a neighbor’s property, of course, and also to the sidewalks, because of pedestrian safety. You can channel water to a better place within your own property, like a pond or a natural slope where it will take care of itself.
Digging the bed is easy, because the dirt you excavate can be piled and rounded on either side of the ditch as you create it. Keep your bed wider than it is deep – as it gets deeper, continue to widen it as you go. Some dry creek beds are lined with landscaping fabric, and piled with rocks that are actually mortared to the fabric itself. Larger rocks should be placed towards the side, and smaller ones in the middle, to facilitate the flow of water.
Large boulders, plants, and ornamental grasses can decorate the border of the bed and soften the edges.
The last solution, and a common one, for landscaping drainage, is a French drain. A French drain is simply a trench with a pipe, and the pipe is perforated with holes, so the water can drain bit by bit as it flows, allowing the ground to absorb small amounts at a time. Typically the pipe is surrounded by gravel so the water can percolate into the ground without puddling or backing up.
The top of the trench is filled in with earth and grass, so if it’s running through your landscaping, it’s an underground invisible force siphoning off problematic water, without the need to decorate it like a dry creek, or disguise it with gradual sloping like a swale. A French drain is typically the drainage choice for water that stands too close to foundations, when the property isn’t spacious enough for sloping the land or implementing a swale.


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