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Posted by Dalton Quigley in 2010  • 

Using landscaping to fix drainage issues.

The poet e.e. cummings wrote how the world was “mud-luscious” and “puddle-wonderful” for children after a rain.
But for homeowners, those wonderful puddles can be a serious water problem for the landscaping, when the rainwater doesn’t quickly drain away from the lawn.
How can you tell if you need a drainage system to relieve standing water? You might need to consider drainage if your lawn stays overly-saturated and attracts mosquitoes in the summer. Also, if your sidewalks are overly icy in the winter, your water may need to be redirected. Or you may have water seeping into your basement because the ground water is not draining away from your house.
A rule of thumb to follow is if you continue to have standing water an hour or more after a rainfall, you need some drainage solutions.
There are a number of ways to solve this landscaping problem.
One of them is a drain swale.
A swale is a shallow, sloped channel designed to steer water off your property and into a sewer drain on a street, or into a storm water management pond. It can be as simple as the gradual grading of land between two neighboring houses, forming a shallow valley at the property line. Ideally, a swale is wide and shallow enough to be an unnoticeable landscaping feature.
Swales can drop one inch in depth for every ten feet of a relatively flat yard, widening as they get deeper to keep them from being noticeable.
Similar to a swale, and potentially more decorative, is a dry creek bed, which can be a focal point for your landscaping as well as taking care of a drainage problem.

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